About Us

COMUFON is a charter state in the MUFON International network. We are our own nonprofit 501c3 organization. We are here for the benefit of humanity.

These are the words that inspire us each and every day. Our Goals.

  • Investigate UFO sightings and collect the data in the MUFON Database for use by researchers worldwide.
  • Promote research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life on our planet.
  • Educate the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society.

Colorado MUFON conducts its operations solely on member donations run by 100% volunteers. If you have an interest to serve, ask us what opportunities we have available. The heart and soul of what we do is to investigate sighting reports the public keys into our case management system. We conduct our investigations using the scientific method.

What is the scientific method and how does MUFON adhere to it?

Field investigators apply the scientific method of investigation in the following manner: we establish a hypothesis, then set out to prove or disprove the hypothesis. Our hypothesis is “this event can be explained rationally”, and we set out to PROVE it. Sometimes we need to consult with experts to find the necessary proof. In the end, we succeeded in proving this hypothesis 95% of the time. About 2-3% of the cases are truly unexplained, and that is NOT a trivial conclusion, since 2-3% of thousands of cases a year worldwide is a significant number of unexplained events. The scientific conclusion from this data is that there are unexplained events in our world that are genuinely worthy of further scientific investigation.

We meet the second Saturday of each month at the Centennial Works Building in Centennial Colorado at 1pm. We always have a well-known or renowned guest speaker. Our Field investigator meeting is at 12 pm prior to the open meeting. Interested field investigator candidates are welcome to attend. We have a holiday party, a summer picnic and will be hosting the first Annual MUFON international photo forensics boot camp May15-18, 2025 at the Chamonix Casino resort in Cripple Creek.

Our core values

MUFON does not and shall not discriminate based on race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry). disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations; We believe in a totally inclusive environment.