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    Unveiling the Unknown
    Explore UFO Phenomena

    Join MUFON to delve into the mysteries of the universe with the world’s largest civilian UFO research organization.

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    Get Expert Training
    Photo Forensics
    Boot Camp

    On May 16-18, 2025 the MUFON Photo Analysis Team (PAT) members will teach the advanced arts of photo forensics to MUFON field investigators.

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    Become a
    UFO Investigator

    Train with MUFON and help uncover the truth.
    Enroll in our field investigator programs and forensics boot camps.

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    Share Your Experiences
    Report a
    UFO Sighting

    Contribute to our research by reporting your UFO encounters. Every report brings us closer to the truth.

MUFON® is the world's largest civilian UFO investigation organization, providing answers and research on the question: "Are we alone?"

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Your Journey into UFO Research

Become a part of the world’s leading civilian UFO investigation organization. Whether you want to become a member, train as a field investigator, attend a photo forensics boot camp, or report a UFO, MUFON offers you the opportunity to explore and uncover the truth about extraterrestrial phenomena. Join us in our quest for answers and be a part of the community dedicated to understanding the mysteries of the universe.

Report a UFO

Report your UFO sighting to MUFON with ease, knowing it will be handled professionally and privately.

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Membership Advantages


Members of COMUFON share an common interest in the scientific study of ufology.

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Get access to tools and references to support ongoing investigations.

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Members freely share their experiences and best practice investigative processes.

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Guest speakers and resident experts provide educational perspectives and content.

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